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19 she/her aroace
layout designer + graphic designer
studying for a B.D. in visual communication design

Zine Mod List

Heart & Home: A VLD Family ZineCo-admin (Social Media, Organization, Graphic Design)Finished
POP/STARSGraphic Design, Organization, Formatting, and Social Media ModFinished
Inked FairytalesSocial Media, Formatting, Graphics, and Spreadsheet Organization ModFinished
Mom's Eyes OnlyGraphic Design, Formatting, and Organization ModFinished
Summer Lovin'Formatting ModFinished
Sapphic Sweets Zine/CookbookFormatting and Graphic Design ModFinished
Stardew Valley CookbookAdmin (Formatting, Graphic Design, Social Media, Organization, Shipping, Finance, etc.)Finished
Like Morning Follows NightFormatting and Art Manager ModFinished
Power of the OceanFormatting ModFinished
Match PointFormatting ModFinished
A Touch of ColorFormatting ModFinished
IronDad and SpiderSon ZineGraphic Design ModFinished
New Horizines: The Island Getaway BookletGraphic Design and Formatting ModFinished
20.07.1994Formatting ModFinished
Yours TrulyGraphic Design and Formatting ModDiscontinued
With Bare Hands, We ReachFormatting ModProduction (Job Complete)
Cloudburst: A Chongyun ZineConcept Creator, Graphic Design, Art, and Formatting ModCreation Period
Idle Breeze ZineFormatting ModCreation Period
Nook CookbookGraphic Design ModCreation Period
Regalia: A PJO Royalty AU ZineGraphic Design & Formatting ModCreation Period
Liyue Friends ZineFormatting ModCreation Period
Untitled: a Project Sekai ZineGraphics Mod & Public Relations CoordinatorCreation Period

Zine Contributor List

Sunflower FieldsCalligrapher, Merch Artist
Mint LemonadeCalligrapher, Merch Artist
Oversound ZineCalligrapher
Simon Snow Coloring BookCalligrapher
KeepsakesGraphic Designer

if you would like to learn more about my experience or invite me to a zine, please send me an email or a message through twitter!

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Other Projects Mod List

Into the Spiderverse BangAdmin (Graphic Design, Social Media, Organization, etc.)
RWRB Big BangAdmin (Graphic Design, Communications, etc.)
Dear HeartstopperGraphic Designer & Communications Team Member (doing work under the name Cassia!)

Other Projects Contributor List

Osemanverse Big BangArtist
2017 VLD Secret Santa Artist, Writer
2018 Osemanverse Secret SantaArtist
Cutie Pie Hunk Big BangArtist
2020 Carry On ExchangeCalligrapher/Artist

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